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About The Mad Brains!

We help businesses grow and increase sales by providing powerful websites, mobile apps, UI/UX, and digital marketing services. Whether you are a startup, medium-sized business, or large organization, our experts are right there to provide you the best solutions. Our team encompasses the best of designers, developers, project managers, digital marketers, and content writers. The happiness of our team relies on the customer satisfaction and success of their business. And to achieve that, we go beyond the limits!

We follow a unique hiring system when we have to choose an employee; we select talent in its raw form over talent “on paper.” We focused on team development because a great can deliver excellent results. Our core work ethics for working are professional competence, flourishing long-run relationships, neat & faultless coding methods, and outstanding after-sales support. That is the main reason why we are always getting referrals from our existing clients.

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About Founders

You must know about those two “Mad Brains” who have created The Mad Brains!

Vipan Kumar (Founder)

Vipan worked as a web developer for almost eight years. He learned lots of things in that period – front end development, how companies work, how the company environment should be, how to provide 100% customer satisfaction, how to grow a company and much more. After having lots of brainstorming, he and Abhinav decided to have their own company, and that is how The the mad brains founded in May 2018.

Abhinav Sharma (Co-Founder)

Abhinav started his career as a UI/UX designer and worked for almost six years. After gaining immense knowledge and experience in user experience designs, he co-founded the agency with Vipan, and now he is sharing his knowledge with the the mad brains team and working to put the company at the next level.

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Process Matters!

We believe that process is the most important to achieve great results. We did lots of research before finalizing our work process. We know the value of transparency, and we love to share our process with you so that you can get an idea of how we treat your project when it comes to us!

We follow an agile method to deliver you great results. With agile methods, all our team members(those who have expertise in different fields) use their expertise to work together to achieve one goal, and that is the success of your business.

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Think on the Idea

We do deep thinking on your idea to create the best designs that match your business standards.

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Harmonize the Data

We carefully prepare branding notes, select colors and patterns for your brand.

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Evaluate the Data

We collect lots of data by research and evaluate that data to get the best design ideas.

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Make the Design

We create unique, clean, and attractive designs as per your business standards.

Our Mission

The success of Your Business Via Our Web, Mobile, UI/UX, and SEO Solutions. Whether you are an individual, an emerging entrepreneur, or owning a successful business, we have feasible options for you.

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If you are looking for small tasks to get done and have a very short-term goal, then hiring a freelancer is the most cost-effective solution. We have trusted freelancers who have expertise in design, web, mobile, and digital marketing. You can hire a freelancer with the trust of the agency.

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Project Team

Looking for a project team to achieve a definite goal for an extended period of time. We can provide you a team of experts as per your project requirements. A team will work dedicatedly for you only.

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If you need an all-in-one solution for various kinds of needs, then we at the mad brains are always here to help you. Get a website, mobile, UI/UX, and SEO solutions for your projects under one roof.

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Our work speaks for itself. Check out our sample work to confirm it.

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